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ModeloDescripcionPrecio (USD) 
2700-CONVSystem takeover conversion support - Required when replacing existing Mercury based access control system - includes up to 8 hours telephone support (ADD $1000 per gateway)5522.39
3700-DBI Access System Cardholder Only Database Import Wizard (for selected 3rd party systems)1093.43
4700-GLSGlobal Linkage and Automation Module - Allows I/O linking between NXT controllers, as well as Global AntiPassback1093.43
5700-LDAPMicrosoft Active Directory LDAP Interface9940.30
6700-MAINT-BAnnual fee for software support and maintenance agreement for Doors.NET Professional Edition support up to 512 readers. Above 512 readers or for additional purchased software options, fee is 20% of all purchased software. Must be ordered with Doors.NET Professional Edition. Initial agreement covers first two years, then one year renewals thereafter.265.07
7700-MAPCGraphics Mapping Client License - Additional Map Administration Client1093.43
8700-MAPDGraphics Mapping Designer - Includes Map Editor and 1 Client, licensed separately from Doors.NET administration Clients2639.70
9700-ROLLAdvanced Roll Call/Muster - Enables the Muster Station function and automatic print options for the Roll Call client, licensed per concurrent Client workstation1093.43
10700-SMMAdvanced Situation Manager - Macro driven utility that allows predefined system-wide parameter adjustments based on threat level assessments1756.12
11700-TATime & Attendance Export Utility - Provides capability to assign readers as "clock in" and "clock out" for the purpose of exporting data to 3rd Party Time/Attendance systems in various popular file formats430.75
12700-TWICTWIC Interface Module - Verifies cardholders against TSA watch list. Requires MS-350 Biometric Reader.5511.34
13AAP-APKAperio Programming Kit, required for configuring Aperio locks784.18
14AAP-HUBAssa Aperio Lock Hub for 8 Locks (Keri OEM - specific) - One required per 8 locks maximum, may be more depending upon lock locations due to hubs RF range, two hubs allowed per NXT Controller RS-485 bus. Contact factory for projects using generic Mercury or other OEM-specific Aperio Hubs. Additional license fees will apply.461.67
15ANT-241Antenna, Remote Wiring - Includes 6 foot extension cable for 2.4 GHz wireless RS-485 transceiver331.34
16ANT-244Antenna, Omni-Directional Extended Range - Includes 6 foot extension cable for 2.4 GHz wireless RS-485 transceiver519.10
17ANT-24YAntenna, Unidirectional Extended Range for 2.4 GHz wireless RS-485 transceiver543.40
18ANT-91 Antenna, Remote Wiring for wireless RS-485 transceiver269.49
19ANT-94Antenna, Omni-Directional Extended Range for wireless RS-485 transceiver536.78
20ANT-9YAntenna, Unidirectional Extended Range (Yagi) for wireless RS-485 transceiver212.06
21AP-10XAdhesive Proximity Patch (Must be purchased in lots/multiples of 20)3.73
23CU-500Chip Upgrade (To upgrade PXL-500 firmware)66.27
24DB-300Doors Badging Software Option872.54
25DC-550Tiger II Networkable Demo Suitcase - includes 1 PXL-500P (Board Only), 1 PXL-500W (Board Only), 2 SB-593, 1 MS-3000X, 1 MS- 5000BX, 2 KPS-4-1, 1 P-300H, 1 KFR-82, 1 KDP-552, 5 KC-10X, 5 PSC- 1 and 5 MT-10XP3722.09
26DC-NXT1NXT Demo Suitcase - includes NXT-4D Four Door Controller, NXT-4X4 Input/Output Module, KPS-4-1 Power Supply, NXT-5R Wall Mount Proximity Reader, NXT-C Lifetime Proximity Card (5), NXT-K Proximity Key Tag (5), NXT-I Multi Technology Proximity Card (5), DNET-APP Doors.NET Software CD3722.09
27DCR-8Enclosure Rack Mounting Kit (for 19" IT rack)55.22
28Delta3 Mifare Smartcard Reader/Mullion Mount, reads CSN or Sector 214.27
29Delta3CS Mifare Smartcard Reader/Mullion Mount, reads CSN only 130.33
30Delta5 Mifare Smartcard Reader/Switch Plate, reads CSN or Sector 245.19
31Delta5.3 Mifare Smarcard Reader Euro Switch Plate, reads CSN or Sector 249.61
32Delta5.3CS Mifare Smarcard Reader Euro Switch Plate, reads CSN only 152.42
33Delta5CS Mifare Smarcard Reader/Switch Plate, reads CSN only 152.42
34Delta6.4 Mifare Smartcard Reader/Keypad, reads CSN or Sector410.87
35Delta6.4CSMifare Smartcard Reader/Keypad, reads CSN only 395.40
36DNET-500-UPDoors.NET Upgrade License for legacy PXL-500 Controllers (sold prior to May 2012) and legacy Entraguard units prior to October 2014357.85
37DNET-ADD-CL Doors.NET Additional Client License 461.67
38DNET-ALNKAdvanced Local Linkage - Sophisticated local linkage provides I/O linkage macro capability, best used in conjunction with NXT-4X4, requires Mercury Powered NXT Controllers364.48
39DNET-BADGE Doors.NET Photo Badging Client916.72
40DNET-CONV500Doors32 to Doors.NET Database Conversion for PXL-500 projects (one time charge, see upgrade documents for details.662.69
41DNET-ELV Elevator Control - Reader initiated floor control, requires Mercury Powered NXT Controllers364.48
42DNET-IMP NetXtreme or other suitable fil performed by Keri Systems. Database supply by customer. Cardholders only, with the exception of NetXtreme which imports most access database parameters. Includes up to 8 hours of work. Additional hours billed at $95/hour.1314.33
43DNET-KAAASoftware License for Assa Aperio Lock Manager per lock - 16 locks maximum per Keri NXT Controller, requires Mercury Powered Option. Automatically enables Mercury SCP Gateway in Doors.NET Software as well as Credential Types to handle various card formats.154.63
44DNET-KADSoftware License for Allegion AD Lock Management per lock - 16 AD Series locks maximum per Keri NXT Controller, requires Mercury Powered Option. Automatically enables Mercury SCP Gateway in Doors.NET Software as well as Credential Types to handle various card formats88.36
45DNET-KGW Additional Gateway for NXT Hardware with standard Keri firmware (not Mercury Powered) - Maximum 64 Controllers per gateway430.75
46DNET-KVS2 Software License for IP and WiFi Lock Management per lock - Managed directly from host, no NXT Controller required154.63
47DNET-M10Managed Services Interface (10 Sites) - License for Operator Log-In Screen to remotely connect to and manage up to 10 customer sites using Doors.NET1656.72
48DNET-M25Managed Services Interface (25 Sites) - License for Operator Log-In Screen to remotely connect to and manage up to 25 customer sites using Doors.NET2761.19
49DNET-M50Managed Services Interface (50 Sites) - License for Operator Log-In Screen to remotely connect to and manage up to 50 customer sites using Doors.NET5080.60
50DNET-PRODoors.NET Professional Edition - Licensed capacity for 512 Readers, 2048 Inputs/2048 Outputs, 1 Gateway, 1 Client, 4 Cameras, plus Reflections Express and a number extra features not included with Doors.NET Standard Edition, such as Routes, Credential Types (Format Builder), Host Schedules, and Area Control. Requires annual Software Maintenance and Support Agreement651.64
51DNET-RPTProfessional Report Client - Separate Report Client with additional features beyond reports included with Doors.NET, gives additional reporting Client seats, and allows access to reporting capability to personnel without allowing access to security functions. Required for automatic report scheduling, along with Advanced System Calendar.461.67
52EGH-12 Heater Kit for Entraguard Units143.58
53EGP-5000HF Entraguard Platinum - Large font graphics display, 5000 tenants2584.48
54EGP-PL Platinum/Silver Postal Lock Kit - Field Installation79.52
55EGS-750HFEntraguard Silver - Large font LCD Display, 750 tenant capacity1773.79
56EGS-WUPPEntraguard Walk-Up Package (includes EGS-750, PXL-500GP, MS- 3000, KDP-552, boxed and prewired)2206.75
57EGS-WUPWEntraguard Walk-Up Package (includes EGS-750, PXL-500GW, P-300, KDP-552, boxed and prewired)2429.85
58EGT-250HFEntraguard Titanium - Small footprint, 250 tenant capacity1292.24
59EGT-PL Titanium Postal Lock Kit - Field Installation79.52
60ENC-KE1Single Controller Enclosure with back plate - ships with PXL and NXT controllers99.40
61ENC-N1-1NEMA 1 rating. 12"x10"x6" Includes perforated back plate (Holds 1 APSPM or 1 EP-SPM)320.30
62Enduro Cleaning KitPrinter Cleaning Kit (10 cards, 1 pen) Rio/Pro Enduro NR57.43
63Enduro Ribbon Printer Ribbon, Color (for approx 300 cards) NR181.13
64EPS-58 Power Supply Kit for Entraguard Units212.06
65EVR-CLCamera License (per 4 cameras)209.85
66EVR-CLNT Additional Reflections Concurrent Client461.67
67EVR-GW Additional Video Recording Gateway - required for each additional recording location and/or per additional 16 cameras386.57
68EVR-PLSReflections Plus Event Video Recorder - Event Video Recording Option for 2 Clients, 4 Monitors, 4 Cameras, Email, and On-Screen Overlay Interface and Command Functions. Additional Camera capability sold separately1130.99
69EXM-56CModem-External 56K Baud NR (Cables included)287.16
70FMK-95 Recess Mount Kit for Platinum/Silver185.55
71GNA-65Pedestal Mount Adaptor for Titanium170.09
72HPP-22 Hand Held Programmer130.33
73HSE-95Hood/Pedestal Mount Adapter for Platinum/Silver377.73
74IMPORT/EXPORTImport/Export of Cardholders Utility441.79
75IP-2003XMicroStarTM Door Frame/Mullion Controller251.82
76IP-2005BX MiniStarTM Black Switch Plate Controller262.87
77IRP-1Isolation Kit (12/24 VDC)30.93
78KAD-HHD Programmer for AD Locks - Required for configuring AD locks1159.70
79KC-10X Standard Light Proximity Card2.98
80KC-26X Light Proximity Cards7.20
81KDP-55210 Cable, PXL-500/IP-2000X to PC53.01
82KE-84 Panel Enclosure, may be rack mounted with DC-8 Mounting Rails265.07
83KER-STLIP Lock Configuration and Programming Kit154.63
84KPIM-400Panel Interface Module for Allegion AD-400 Series Locks - Manages up to 16 locks, 1 allowed per NXT Controller RS-485 Bus1325.37
85KPS-11Power Supply - 12VDC, 10 Amp, with enclosure, Battery Ready616.30
86KPS-4-1Power Supply - 12VDC @ 2.2A, battery ready, no enclosure, works with PXL-500, NXT and Mercury controllers. Supports 110 VAC to 240 VAC at 50 Hz and 60 Hz. Includes North American 60 Hz transformer.108.24
87KPS-5-1Power Supply - 12VDC @ 2.2A, battery ready, with enclosure, works with PXL-500, NXT and Mercury controllers. Supports 110 VAC to 240 VAC at 50 Hz and 60 Hz. Includes North American 60 Hz transformer.154.63
88KPS-8Battery - 12VDC, 7.2AH35.34
89LAN-520AESP LAN Port (RS-232 to Ethernet converter) - LAN Adapter with encryption option NR324.72
90Lanyard Lanyard1.37
91LCD-1Alpha/Numeric Plug-In Display - used for diagnostics and other functions on PXL-500108.24
92Magicard Rio Pro Duo Double-Side ID Card Printer NR6394.93
93Magicard EnduroSingle/Dual Sided ID Card Printer NR - Enduro printer can be easily field upgraded from single sided to dual sided by means of a simple drop-in upgrade, call for details3788.36
94Magicard ProntoSingle-Sided ID Card Printer NR2467.40
95Magicard Rio ProSingle-Sided ID Card Printer NR5732.24
96ManualHard Copy of Doors Manual64.06
97MS-1400 Keri Key 2 Channel Receiver MS Output 331.34
98MS-3000XMicroStarTM Door Frame/Mullion Reader143.58
99MS-4000X ShootingStarTM Vandal Resistant Reader872.54
100MS-5000BX MiniStarTM Black Switch Plate Reader165.67

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